Sell Your Sneakers


Get Started!

Are you looking to make some money by selling your limited sneakers? Now, you can sell your sneakers to SNEAKERHEAD! SNEAKERHEAD will purchase your sneakers at a fair price, provide a prepaid shipping label(s), and we only charge a low 10% seller fee! Ready to get started? It's easy, just follow the steps below:

1. Survey your sneakers

SNEAKERHEAD only accepts 100% authentic, brand new/unworn sneakers that come with ALL the original accessories, including the original undamaged shoebox. SNEAKERHEAD does not accept b-grades, sneakers with missing accessories, or used sneakers.

2. Complete & submit

Complete the "Sell Your Sneakers" request form. Please fill in all required fields to expedite the selling process. After completion, submit your "Sell Your Sneakers" form for our Sneaker Specialists to review.

3. Wait it out

Our Sneaker Specialists will either approve or deny the proposed sneakers you want to sell, and the selling price. If the selling price is not accepted they will reply with a counter offer. You will typically receive a reply within 3 business days.

4. Print & ship

If you approve the offer you will receive an email with prepaid shipping labels(s). The label and approved prices are valid for 5 days. All shoes must be shipped in a double box & free from damage upon arrival or they will be returned to sender.

5. Get that money

After our Sneaker Specialists have received and verified your sneaker(s), you will get payment in your requested form. It's that easy!


  • There is a 10% selling fee. You will receive payment in the form of check or PayPal for 90% of the agreed price.
  • Sell Your Sneakers Program only eligible for those who reside in the Contiguous United States.
  • Approved sneakers & prices are valid up to 5 days after email sent date.
  • We do reserve the right to refuse any items.
  • You must represent and warrant to us that you are the valid and lawful owner of all sneakers which you ship to us, and that you have the full legal right to offer and sell the sneakers.
  • All sneakers that you ship to us must be genuine and authentic, and must conform to the description stated in the applicable confirmation.
  • We have no liability to you or any third parties for any loss or damage to the sneakers in transit to us, and you hereby indemnify us and hold us harmless in respect of any such damages.
  • Any questions? Please contact Customer Service @ 1.866.339.7463