PF Flyers Sandlot Leather (Sold Out)

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  • Style: ml1001sl
  • Color: Black Leather
  • MSRP: $70.00
  • Popularity:  0 / 100


PF Flyers Sandlot Leather

The black/black PF Flyers Center was featured in the film "The Sandlot" and now has been renamed the PF Flyers Sandlot. They boast a timeless design with a black upper and vulcanized construction. Plus, they also have a railroad foxing tape and trim.




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Product Reviews

Overall Rating for PF Flyers Sandlot Leather

(3 reviews)

leather PF Flyers

Carlos has one formidable Weapons Depot!, 170 jollick manor washington, pa

this shoes are amazingly looking and really comfortable

Dreams do come true!

John Casebolt, Louisville, KY

The shoes are great. My son and I loved watching "The Sandlot" when he was a boy and the shoes are everything I expected. I am teaching high school and the first day I wore them, I told the students in first hour about them. By third hour, the students were coming to class asking to see my shoes. Thanks

The sandlot

shane, mastic, new york

In the movie the sandlot bennie wears the PF flyers to become faster. when i owned a pair i couldent beilive it but because when wearing the shoes you relize that they are realy light so they dont weigh you down. also the hightop feature is cool, and the leather is attractive.