Reebok Pump Omni Lite (Sold Out)

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  • Style: j15298
  • Color: Black / White-Varsity Orange
  • MSRP: $125.00
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Reebok Pump Omni Lite

In the 1991 NBA Slam Dunk contest Dee Brown of the Boston Celtics bent down, pumped up his Reebok Pump Omni Lite sneakers, executed a "no look" dunk, and cemented their legacy in basketball history. This original concept by Reebok allows you to customize your sneakers by pumping up an internal air bladder for a snug fit. The Reebok Pump Omni Lite also features Hexalite technology for enhanced shock absorption.

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Reebok pump omni lite review

David, Toronto, Ontario Canada

I love this shoe. These are the first Reebok pumps that I have ever bought. The stying and, quality materials and the price is what drew me to this pair of shoes. I tried to purchase a pair in Canada, but I couldn't find them anywhere. I tried Sneakerhead and they had them in my size. I ordered them from sneakerhead and the shoes are comfortable with excellent build quality. I have had a lot of positive comments from friends and people in general talking about having these shoes when they first came out almost 25 years ago.

Reebok pump

Zachariah, Decatur, il

Love these shoes!

Recent shoe purchase

Zachariah, Decatur, il

Good shoe took me back to my childhood.


Mark, El Segundo, California

This shoe is great! A must buy for any active players. At this price too, it's a wonderful deal! Completely satisfied with my purchase!

Great Shoe

Zac, The 508 - MA

This is a classic shoe that sneakerheads will love. I am very satisfied with this and use it to play pick-up games.


PumpsFreaker, Brooklyn, NY

Sneakerhead rules for having these kicks - like others, I've been searching everywhere to try and find them, and here they are for a total steal! I've got so many fond memories of these awesome Pumps from back in the day! Collectors should jump on this deal while it lasts, 'cause who knows where these bad boys will be found once they're gone from here! I hope Sneakerhead finds a way to keep bringing these back - they're some of the hottest kicks ever!

Great Shoe Great Price

Dave, wilmington, delaware

Just like i remembered as a kid. I get lots of compliments on them. Great shoe

Couldn't Believe they were in stock

Chris, Springfield, MA

I bought these sneakers off sneakerhead after searching online for over three months. You see them on other websites for a couple hundred dollars and then boom 89.99 on here and shipped the next day. These things are straight classics. Fresh from the box to the courts...great vintage sneaker

I've been waiting on these to come back out!!!! There here!!!

Gerron , Houston, TX

I love these shoes for hooping. They feel great. The pumpe takes a little long to pump up, but when they do, you can feel the difference.

I Simply Can't Believe It

Mike, Chicago, IL

I can't believe Sneakerhead had these in stock to be honest at such a great affordable price. These bad boys have been going for quite the pretty penny on other sites. I am just in awe at the complete awesomeness that is Sneakerhead. They had great service and fast delivery. These are my dream shoes, so if I ever need another pair hopefully you guys will have them in stock, but I doubt it. Thanks again!




The best shoes ever !!!

Ruben, Miami

I really love this pumps man!! wore this shoes back in 1992-1994, and the confort that I experience with them is beyon words, I play ball with them through high school 4 years and have to say i haven't found shoes like this ever, to bad you dont have my size 14, if you do please send me an email and i'll buy em right a way !! i promised you.