Radii Moon Walker (Sold Out)

Product Data

  • Style: fm1022rdrdpf
  • Color: Red / Red / Perf
  • MSRP: $110.00
  • Accessory: Extra set of laces: Color: (Black)
  • Popularity:  0 / 100


Radii Moon Walker

Radii (ray-dee-eye) footwear is relatively new to the market, but they are growing in popularity quickly thanks to designs like the Radii Moon Walker. This is an ultra high-cut sneaker that is part lifestyle shoe, part military-esque boot. They feature a streamlined design, combination leather and nylon upper, and a high ankle strap. Ultimately, they are simple and stunning all at once.

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J-Yard, Dallas, TX

Took a moment for me to finally just wing it on the sizing, butI mean yea, they are pretty much true to your size (I wear a 12 in Jordans/Nike basketball shoes, and a 11.5 in Nike Dunks, so a size 12 in Radii works). Already have guys saying "those are dope" and chicks like "Wait, what are those?!? Those are actually cute!"... Gotta separate yourself from the crowd? This will do the trick.

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andres, Sherman, Texas

these shoes have been one of the best pairs of shoes i have bought from radii, they go very good with skinny jeans. and they are very flashy so they will get noticed.

awesome shoe

Joe , Fort Lee , New Jersey

bought these for show and flashiness, love the shoe the color the quality. however, the rubber whites do get a bit dirty but not that dirty. its a great show shoe if you match it and really nice