Puma Clyde Worker (Workman Pack) (Sold Out)

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  • Style: 35038502
  • Color: Gray Violet / White-Blue Ice
  • MSRP: $75.00
  • Popularity:  0 / 100


Puma Clyde Worker (Workman Pack)

Striking a nice balance between subtle and stylish, the Puma "Workman" Pack includes the Puma Clyde and the Puma Mid. They feature a clean design that combines buttery soft leather uppers mixed with a striped canvas material on the lining for the Puma Clyde, and around the ankle for the Puma Mid. It's nice to Puma embracing the interplay of materials in a such a fashionable manner.

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Ray, ORLANDO, Florida

"This is a simple shoe to have that ends up with nice results. It is comfortable, it fits well, and it also performs well. This shoe is good for a person on the go that runs a lot at times and it feels pretty comfortable. This shoe doesn't really get that dirty if you like to keep your shoes clean, maybe just the bottom sole, but not really. This shoe is good performance-wise and casually because it is a simple shoe and a nice one. This shoe is a very good deal, it is a cheap price for better benefits.