Adidas Decade

$34.99 $55
  • Style: 039946
  • Color: Running White/New Navy
  • Size: Women's


The Adidas Decade was originally released in 1985 as a high-performance basketball shoe. Produced in both high and low-top versions, these leather basketball shoes from Adidas featured a wide grip outsole with serrated edges to improve traction. The high top version of the Adidas Decade also featured Adidas's patented criscross one-piece ankle-bracing system for great ankle support and movement controle. The Decade is similiar in design to other Adidas basketball shoes, including the Forum high, and production of the original Adidas Decade stopped in in 1986 after only a year. These Adidas shoes, however, were reissued in 2003 as part the Adidas Originals collection with a slighly different look from their earlier counterparts. Adidas Decade reissues do not feature the multi-disk design on the outsole and instead come with a non-marking herringbone outsole and forefoot pivot point. Also, reissued Adidas Decade shoes are available in a variety of new colorways.
Fun Fact: The original Adidas Decade was manufactured in France.
Fitting Notes: Adidas shoes are often narrow. You may want to consider a half size larger than your normal shoe size, especially if you have wide feet.

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