Puma Basket II Bode

$29.99 $75
  • Style: 34738702
  • Color: Black / Black / White


Vaughn Bode is considered one of the most influential pioneers among the cartoonist community. He created the infamous character "Cheech Wizard", inspired from a can of Cheechy Nuts that is ever recognizable among the comic world. Puma celebrates Vaughn Bode by instilling characteristics from the character, featuring glossy star patterns throughout the exterior of the shoe, while also incorporating repeating star prints within the sole with distinctive colors of yellow, black, and red similar to the hat that Bode creation wears. Finally, Puma puts the finishing touches by adding Cheech Wizard himself onto the tongue of the shoe making an everlasting impression on anyone who sees it. Complete the set of Cheech Wizard in color tones of black, red, white, and grey!

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