Nike Women's Blazer Mid Plus

$59.99 $90
  • Style: 318223-011
  • Color: Granite / Sail - Black - Bright FCHS


Lately the woman have been getting pure HEAT. Nike has really stepped it's game up for our female friends. Consistently releasing great sneakers is definitely a step in the right direction. Let me start off by saying, the featured model is already a one-up. Blazers are great sneakers for casual endeavors, and a timeless colorway/graphic pattern as portrayed here will inevitably excel. Hints of the black sole can be found right below the midsole The Swoosh, Midsole, laces, and heel tab all feature a fresh Sail White. Sail White is a SLIGHTLY more "weathered" white that looks great on subtle applications such as the featured model. The rest of the shoe is made of a grey granite; which is also found on the heel tab embroidery. The highlight of this sneaker however has to be the full print paisley graphic. Paisley is a simply classic pattern that practically looks great on anything. Nike kept it simple with the black colorway to make the shoe wearable on countless occasions. Paisley Blazers - Perfect for the female sneaker bandits.

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