Air Jordan XX2 (Basketball)

$99.99 $175
  • Style: 316238-002
  • Color: Black/Black (Amber)


Limited basketball leather edition limited to Urban accounts.
The Air Jordan brand kicked off its 22nd anniversary with the release of the the Air Jordan XX2. The XX2 was designed and created by D'Wayne Edwards, Design Director of the Jordan Brand, and features improved I.P.S. (Independent Podular Suspension) which now includes Double Stack Zoom AIR, and a titanium reinforced shank plate. Originally inspired by the F-22, the world's most advanced stealth jet, the Jordan XX2 is meant to embody the two decade long history of luxury athletic shoes and invite consumers to contine to dream and aspire to athletic achievement. Says Edwards, "We decided on the F-22 Raptor because it best embodies his abilities on the court with its superior stealth capabilities, sleekness and powerful performance." Lauch Date: 02/17/2007

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