Nike Air Force 1 Premium '07 (NS)

$79.99 $110
  • Style: 315517-213
  • Color: Hay / White - Olive Green - Green


Many shoeheads consider the Air Force One to be the perfect shoe and they may be correct considering this line has survived 25 years and remained one of the most popular Nike styles, bringing in approximately 1 billion dollars a year. For the 25th anniversary, Nike has actually improved on the perfect shoe to make it the ultimate. A number of upgrades went into the Nike Air Force One '07. The major upgrades are:

  • Standardized cup sole to eliminate inconsistences in fit. All Nike factories use this new cup sole model which conforms to the foot shape.
  • Seamless interior to prevent discomfort and friction from stitching and seams.
  • Contoured tongue. The original version had a flattened tongue which did not conform to the top of the foot.
  • Natural ankle shape. The '07 AF1 follows the contours of the wearer's ankle.
  • Fans of the classic white on white Air Force will be pleased to note that the AF1 '07 is whiter than ever. A special effort was made to make the new white/white version a bright, clean white.
  • The lace debray (tag) is studier and more consistent with the shape of the lace. Fans will also note that the debray has changed from a simple silver piece to silver with a white inset bearing the word "AF-1" and the year "'82" below.
  • The new Air Force features stain resistent laces to help keep your kicks looking fresh.
  • Removable aiglets allow the wearer to use them on new shoelaces.

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