Nike Zoom Hyperfuse (Sold Out)

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  • Style: 407622-700
  • Color: Del Sol / Black
  • MSRP: $100.00
  • Popularity:  0 / 100


Nike Zoom Hyperfuse

The ultra-lightweight Nike Zoom Hyperfuse first gained popularity when Rajon Rondo sported them during the 2010 NBA Finals. This innovative sneaker was constructed with a stability layer, breathable mesh layer, and a durable outer skin layer, which are all fused together. The seamless unibody design is revolutionary and will conform to your feet in a way that is impossible for a traditional "stitched" basketball sneaker.

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Good looking shoes!

Parth, Germantown, Wisconsin

I dont own a pair but my friend recently bought them and they look just fabulous! These shoes are too flashy! They stick out which made me like them. These look good both on the Basketball courts in just in general. I plan on buying these shoes once i get enough money, but if you got the money and need basketball shoes, or just shoes in general..GET THESE!