Nike Sweet Classic High (Sold Out)

Product Data

  • Style: 354701-117
  • Color: White / White-Neutral Grey
  • MSRP: $68.00
  • Popularity:  0 / 100


Nike Sweet Classic High

The Nike Sweet Classic is a tennis-inspired sneaker that sports a simple design and a timeless look. Available in both high and low models, they feature a leather or canvas upper, vulcanized rubber outsole, and a prominent Nike Swoosh. They're comfortable and can be worn with almost anything.

Product Reviews

Overall Rating for Nike Sweet Classic High

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classic look without the modern benifits

Allan, Mount Joy, PA

This shoe has a great look especialy in all white its one of the hottest all white shoes you can get right know but this shoe hurts the back of my ancle and sometimes even leaves a red blister on the back of my leg. They are VERY SKINNY and are hard to put on, for me atleast but when i get em on they dont feel so tight. Remember they are all white so they will get dirty very fast if you arnt carefull. An all white pair of shoes is essential for any sneaker head and these are a great looking pair.

*Comfortable* But I Like The Mid Ruckus Better!

Alex575, Los Angeles, CA

The NIKE SWEET CLASSIC HIGH is an OK high top but it really doesn't offer much padding or support around the ankles or in the foot bed. They look like Adidas's Stan Smith from the top view and work if you're looking for a simple style that looks slick but understated.

I'll probably have to add an insole to the SWEET CLASSIC HIGH for more support for my arches because I have flat feet.

They fit true to size and really require no break-in period.

Although they are sweet, the style doesn't really add much by way of "high-top" style. The padding around the ankle is so slight that my skinny jeans just go over them so you really can't tell that they're high-tops. These will probably go great with shorts, though.

I like the NIKE RUCKUS MID look better. Even though it's listed as a mid-level top, the padding around the ankle is pretty thick so your pant legs go inside and they feel like they provide better support. The only problem is they only come in two colors.