Sneaker Terms


Found in many New Balance models, it's the cushioning in the heel and forefoot that absorbs shock and displaces energy.

ACG (All Conditions Gear)

Collection of Nike models designed to excel in a rugged outdoor environment.


Heel cushioning system developed by Adidas that provides impact protection and shock absorption.

AHAR (ASICS High Abrasion Rubber)

Durable rubber compound that is used on ASICS models at heavy contact areas of the outsole.


Nickname given to the black/red colorway of Air Jordan shoes.

BRS 1000

Durable rubber outsole developed by Nike that has a high content of carbon.


Usually padded, it's the area around the ankle of a shoe.

DS (Deadstock)

Shoes in new condition that have never been worn.

EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate)

Often referred to as 'expanded rubber' or 'foam rubber,' it's commonly used in the midsole construction as a cushioned shock absorber.


High abrasion resistant rubber developed by Puma and used on the outsole of a shoe.


Thread made from manufactured fibers and found on the upper of select Nike models designed to minimize weight and maximize support.


Collection of Nike shoes that feature lightweight and extremely flexible outsoles aimed to offer the benefits of barefoot training.

GR (General Release)

Refers to the larger quantity produced of a certain shoe model.

Gum Rubber

The combination of natural rubber and synthetic rubber material used on the outsole of shoes.


Technology found in select Nike shoes that fuses together three materials for a lightweight, seamless upper.


Material cut to the shape of the bottom of a shoe that provides cushioning and support.

Lunarlite Foam

Lightweight foam material found on the midsole of select Nike shoes that spreads out force evenly.


Middle layer of the sole of an athletic shoe that disperses weight and provides support.


Shoe that was traditionally worn by Native Americans.

Nike Air

Trademarked by Nike and invented by Marion Frank Rudy, it is a cushioning system that uses an inert gas encapsulated in plastic.


Dyed leather with a buffed surface that has a suede-like appearance.


The bottom sole of a shoe that is exposed.


Holes that are punched into the upper of a shoe mainly for design purposes.


Lightweight foam found in the midsole of many Nike shoes made from ethylene vinyl acetate.

PE (Player Exclusive)

Exclusive sneakers designed for athletes by footwear brands that often match the color the player's team uniform.


Internal bladder in some Reebok models that can be inflated by the wearer for a customizable fit.

QS (Quickstrike)

A collection of Nike shoes that are released in limited quantities to select retailers.


A re-released shoe model based that has a design based on the original.


Reinforced and rigid material usually at the arch of the foot that supports stability.


Hollow foam columns found in many Nike models that are designed to absorb energy and return it to the wearer.

Toe Box

Area on the shoe that runs around or over the toes.


Material on a shoe that is found under the laces.

Vac Tech

Technology that creates a virtually seamless unibody upper on select Nike shoes.


Developed by Reebok, technology that is recognized by the zigzag sole on select models, which delivers a wave of energy.

Zoom Air

Thin air-filled cushions found in select Nike shoes that provide responsive cushioning.