Creative Recreation Cesario (Sold Out)

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  • Style: cr430blkwo
  • Color: Black Woven
  • MSRP: $90.00
  • Popularity:  0 / 100


Creative Recreation Cesario

The Cesario is the shoe that put Creative Recreation on the map. They were developed and constructed with the goal to maintain a fashionable look whether being worn with slacks and a button-up or jeans and a t-shirt. With their signature strap placement, this lifestyle shoe features clean lines and have been seen on the feet of Hollywood's most stylish actors and musicians. The Cesario is available in a wide array of colorways, patterns and materials.

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Rasheem, Miami, Fl

Perfection. It hasn't come so often that you meet a brand of shoes that not only provided the essentials of comfort and style, but not as well price. This brand of shoes has not only took over as my most favored but also my only worn. I tend to prefer simplicity, yet even the most complex colors in this shoe style go into a whole new genre in shoe history. Both casual and sophisticated. These shoes are somewhat an outbreak in a new generation. With the very important addition of the metallic sign beautifully designed, always on the right foot sets the tone for style. With this inspiration I will even be as bold to attempt a one word sum up of these shoes. That word is... prosperity. Why I say this is not only because its value money wise, but because of the value it has on your complete clothing style. It not only perfects your clothes but also expands the limits you may have had. With one pair of Creative Recreations a whole new world of fashion was open to me. While even my old style was made anew by these shoes. Much more is to be said. These are definitely the pinnacle of shoes, and the ultimate expression of fashion. I recommend these to anyone and everyone."