Converse Chuck Taylor Sequins Hi (Sold Out)

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  • Style: 112430
  • Color: Grey
  • MSRP: $95.00
  • Accessory: Extra set of laces (Color: Black)
  • Popularity:  0 / 100


Converse Chuck Taylor Sequins Hi

One of the most stylish, timeless, and versatile sneakers ever created is the iconic Converse Chuck Taylor All Star. Originally released as the All Star in 1917, they added the Chuck Taylor name after the popular basketball player endorsed the model. Currently, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star is still an extremely popular sneaker and worn across the globe by men, women, boys and girls. They are also now available in an array of colors, materials and modified designs.

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Darrell, Union City , Georgia

I love these Chucks. I was looking for some edgier kicks that I could wear out at night and be matched with denim or skits and they're a perfect match. They run a little wider than your average Chuck Taylor shoe and provide awesome padding in the tongue and around the ankle. Very comfy, very cool.