Supra continues to add to its non-skate sector. In addition to the Assault and the Cuttler, Supra will also unleash the newly-designed Supra Strapped II. Supra's Strapped model, which debuted around this time last year, is Steve Aoki's signature lifestyle shoe. The second version of Steve Aoki's signature sneaker obviously possesses a few different design elements from its predecessor. First off, the silhouette as a whole contains a higher cut than the Strapped. Also, the Supra Strapped II lifestyle shoe owns a lower-profile vulcanized sole than the original Strapped. On the contrary, Supra stayed with the four-strap midfoot design giving the shoe the most distinctive look in regards to the structure of this shoe. The Supra Strapped II is eloquently balancing the line between tennis shoe and casual shoe.