Nike Vandals come in a variety of fabric but nylon is definitely the first one to come to mind. This tendency birthed a whole series of Nike Vandal High, which are basically Nike Dunk silhouettes hewn in nylon with a ribbed strip wrapping the shoe atop its mid-sole. Those same ribbed strips are present on these Vintage and all nylon Nike Vandal High Supreme, but instead of a vertical ribbing, these go with a diagonal cut for an ever so slightly different look. The Nike Vandal High Supreme (vintage) consist of an entire magenta nylon upper, with a metallic silver swoosh and a tri-colored strap. In addition, this basketball sneaker consist of small white and gold accents colors in the stitching of the mid-sole. This pair of retro basketball shoes gives your feet the vintage treatment, with a modern twist. Using nylon definitely takes these kicks back in time, but the vibrant color scheme really makes these shoes stand out.