The iconic Nike Air Trainer 1 in its original "Chlorophyll" colorway is back. Initially released in 1987, the Air Trainer 1 is one of Tinker Hatifield's first sneaker designs. The story behind the first athletic cross-trainer ever created began when Hatfield was noticing people at his local gym carrying multiple shoes in their gym bag. He witnessed people do weight training in one pair shoes, then change shoes for cardio activities. So, Hatfield decided to create a sneaker that would excel in every facet of the workout regime. When Nike chose two-sport athlete Bo Jackson to endorse the Air Trainer 1 in commercials while participating in every sport under the sun, it was a perfect match. Famous tennis player John McEnroe even laced up the Air Trainer 1. Simply put, it's a coveted Nike classic that's a must for any sneakerhead.