We have seen the duck boot done many different ways this season. From Nike's take with the Woodside, to a completely different approach with the Gourmet Quadici, it almost seems like every footwear brand has a duck boot-inspired model. Yet, until now, we have not seen anything like the Nike Air Force 1 'Duck Boot'. This weather-ready model transforms an iconic basketball sneaker into a suitable winter selection. The Nike Air Force 1 'Duck Boot' features a premium leather upper, water-resistant duck boot-styled toebox, wool WaterShield collar, and an extremely aggressive outsole pattern that will allow you to tread through harsh road conditions. Plus, they also come with two pairs of waxed laces (black and red). Some of you don't experience the weather that demands a winter boot (Hello Los Angeles!), but for the rest of you the Nike Air Force 1 'Duck Boot' is without a doubt a welcomed model.