Vans Classic Slip-On (Black/Black)

Vans Classic Slip-On
Vans Classic Slip-On
Vans Classic Slip-On
Vans Classic Slip-On
Vans Classic Slip-On

Product Data

  • Style No.: 4966199
  • MSRP: $40.00
  • Color: Black/Black


 3 / 100

Return Rate: 7.41%

Lifespan: 12/18/2006~08/24/2010

Pricing History:
04/30/2009: $29.99
05/14/2008: $34.99
11/08/2007: $39.99
12/19/2006: $44.99


Vans Classic Slip-On

California based Vans has been producing quality footwear for years. Popular in surfing, skate, punk, and urban communities; Vans continues to be a top asset in shoe sales. Slip-On Vans are practically the epitome of a casual shoe. The low profile design, paired with the timeless design, and of course the Waffle sole. Although Vans has been popular for years, ever since The Packs single referring to Vans supremacy to other shoes; sales have skyrocketed. Reason is more than of that however. Aesthetics are simple and can be enjoyed by anybody. Super affordability makes Slip-On Classics another example of basic essentials every Sneakerhead should own. You can wear them to school, the mall, or even just to get the newspaper. Either way, Vans sneakers have, and will continue to change the footwear scene. With an ever increasing fan base, quality construction, and trendy-ness; these slip on Vans are a shoe that is fun to wear, and will continue to be for quite some time.

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By Ray from ORLANDO, Florida on 7/14/2010
"I call vans van daddys because they are the daddy of all skateboarding shoes i love them they are like the only type of shoes i wear because they are very cofortable they last for a very long time they have very good bottoms they mostly go with anything if you chose the right color and they are in style right now mostly every skateboarder i see are wearing them you see im wearing them right i would reccommend them to any skateboarder that arent wearing them."

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