Reebok Ree Down (White / Purple-Pewter)

Reebok Ree Down
Reebok Ree Down
Reebok Ree Down
Reebok Ree Down
Reebok Ree Down

Product Data

  • Style No.: j19587
  • MSRP: $65.00
  • Color: White / Purple-Pewter


 10 / 100

Return Rate: 0.00%

Lifespan: 10/31/2010~01/08/2012

Pricing History:
01/09/2012: $32.49
10/31/2011: $49.99
11/01/2010: $59.99


Reebok Ree Down

The Reebok Ree Down is a cute and casual sneaker that literally changes with a flip. This is because they sport a fun flip-down collar that reveals a contrasting print, which is perfect for when you wanna change sneakers to match your outfit. Plus, the Reebok Ree down also features a leather upper, vivid color schemes, and a comfortable fit.

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