Reebok Pump Fury (Black / Firecracker Red / Yellow)

Reebok Pump Fury
Reebok Pump Fury
Reebok Pump Fury
Reebok Pump Fury
Reebok Pump Fury

Product Data

  • Style No.: j88613
  • MSRP: $135.00
  • Color: Black / Firecracker Red / Yellow


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Return Rate: 2.08%

Lifespan: 01/24/2012~05/14/2012

Pricing History:
01/25/2012: $124.99


Reebok Pump Fury

Combining a unique style and lightweight performance, the Reebok Pump Fury made its debut in 1993. It was the first model that had full-length Pump technology and was an immediate success. The Pump Fury has always been available in wild colors/patterns, which has added to its popularity. Plus, to the delight of many sneakerheads, crazy colors/patterns are still being released today.

Product Reviews
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Recapturing youth I thought was gone forever.
By Ian from East Rochester, NY on 5/15/2012
I had two pairs of these back in '96, coolest shoes ever, easily. When I googled them a week or so ago and saw I could purchase a pair from I actually thought this was gonna be a trick website. I couldn't believe they were being remade! When they arrived I learned they are a limited addition of 2012. I received by pure luck #1996 of 2012. It's like you knew... Ps. I bought a second pair today., Shoes  Retail, Norwalk, CA