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Radii Straight Jacket (Black / Silver)

Radii Straight Jacket
Radii Straight Jacket
Radii Straight Jacket
Radii Straight Jacket
Radii Straight Jacket

Product Data

  • Style No.: fm1014blkslvr
  • MSRP: $120.00
  • Color: Black / Silver


 25 / 100

Return Rate: 7.84%

Lifespan: 07/15/2009~12/26/2011

Pricing History:
06/09/2011: $79.99
07/16/2009: $119.99
12/06/2011: $69.99


Radii Straight Jacket

The Straight Jacket from Radii features a distinctive design, including two buckles around the forefoot, one around the ankle, and a side zipper. This stylish lifestyle sneaker is available in numerous colors, patterns, and materials.

Product Reviews
Overall Rating for Radii Straight Jacket
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Great Pair of Shoes
By Gurman from Phoenix, AZ on 7/25/2010
These shoes are a great pair of shoes for anyone who is like me... flashy. These shoes are perfect for a numerous number of outfits and they have a swagger to them that amps up your image... they definitely will have people staring. I am extremely surprised by the quality of these shoes as normally companies which make flashy shoes like these use cheap material to get the shine and flash; however, these Radii did a great job by not sacrificing quality and still being able to make these shoes flashy and give them the necessary metallic shine. Customer service was great as well as a fairly rapid delivery even with standard shipping. Definitely recommend these shoes to anyone who dares to rock a flashy wardrobe., Shoes  Retail, Norwalk, CA