Radii 420 Top (White / Magenta)

Radii 420 Top
Radii 420 Top
Radii 420 Top
Radii 420 Top
Radii 420 Top

Product Data

  • Style No.: fm1005whtmag
  • MSRP: $95.00
  • Color: White / Magenta


 7 / 100

Return Rate: 5.00%

Lifespan: 03/14/2010~04/29/2011

Pricing History:
03/15/2010: $94.99
11/27/2010: $64.99


Radii 420 Top

The mission of Radii (ray-dee-eye) footwear is to create unique designs that reflect each individual's personality, and the Radii 420 Top definitely achieves that. This interesting high top design contains three straps around the forefoot, a large strap around the ankle and perforated accents on the toe box, tongue, and heel. They are available in an array of striking colorways and will demand attention as soon as you put them on.

Product Reviews
Overall Rating for Radii 420 Top
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In need of Attention ??
By Edward from Douglasville, Georgia on 6/2/2010
You can bet your bottom dollar that when you wear these bad boys your gonna get alot of attention. The very first time i wore these 420's i turned heads everywere i went. The colorway makes it a striking shoe and grabs audiences eyes immedietly. These radii's will definitely be worth every penny

a pleasant surprise
By Aran from UAE on 3/25/2010
I didn't expect a shoe from a year-old brand to have such quality materials and construction, but I was pleasantly surprised when I got these 420 tops. They came in a heavy pull-out box and the shoes were protected with silver foil. Once I held the shoes I was wowed by the quality leathers and design. The heel is beautifully contoured and it even has multi-directional herringbone traction! Last but definitely not least I love the luxe color of this one!

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