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Puma MY-84

Puma MY-84

Part of the Puma by MIHARAYASUHIRO collection, the Puma MY-83 is another unlikely footwear creation. Part penny loafer, part sneaker, they feature a luxurious leather upper, a midsole that mimic the GV Special, heel pull tab, cushioned footbed, and a rubber outsole.

Puma Step Mid
Alexander McQueen

$175.00 Now: $164.99

Puma MY-67 UnCamo
Lifestyle Shoes

$180.00 Now: $107.99

Puma Rabble Mid
Alexander McQueen

$175.00 Now: $104.99

Puma Conflats
Hussien Chalayan

$180.00 Now: $107.99

Puma MY-64
Lifestyle Shoes

$180.00 Now: $129.99

Puma Urban Low
Glide Leather

$90.00 Now: $53.99

Puma Urban Mobility
Soligo Suede

$235.00 Now: $99.99

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