PF Flyers Astor (Cavier)

PF Flyers Astor
PF Flyers Astor
PF Flyers Astor
PF Flyers Astor
PF Flyers Astor

Product Data

  • Style No.: pm10fg3f
  • MSRP: $80.00
  • Color: Cavier


 11 / 100

Return Rate: 0.00%

Lifespan: 09/08/2010~06/12/2011

Pricing History:
06/13/2011: $49.99
09/09/2010: $74.99


PF Flyers Astor

The PF Flyers Astor is a fashion-forward lifestyle sneaker with classic athletic soul. This high-cut model has a full-grain leather upper, nylon details on the tongue, heel and strap, a padded footbed, and a rubber court outsole. The stylish design of the PF Flyers Astor is extremely versatile and looks fantastic with the midfoot strap. Available in multiple color combinations.

Product Reviews
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Trenddddddy, Loved them.
By Carlene from Lima, Ohio on 8/18/2010
I purchased these sneakers for my brother and He loved them. He has a style where he hates to have them same clothing/shoes as others .. TRENDSETTER! These were very unique and We were both satisified., Shoes  Retail, Norwalk, CA