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O clock Watch (Magenta) (Magenta)

O clock Watch (Magenta)
O clock Watch (Magenta)
O clock Watch (Magenta)
O clock Watch (Magenta)
O clock Watch (Magenta)

Product Data

  • Style No.: clockte
  • MSRP: $36.00
  • Color: Magenta


 25 / 100

Return Rate: 0.00%

Lifespan: 11/26/2010~08/30/2011

Pricing History:
11/27/2010: $35.99


O clock Watch (Magenta)

Made in Italy, O clock unisex watches are a simple and fashionable modern accessory. They feature soft silicon construction that is hypoallergenic and can easily slip over your hand for a loose or snug fit (depending on your preference). O clock watches are also water resistant, available in three sizes (small, medium, large) and come in a whole rainbow of colors.

SMALL = 6" (150lbs or less), MEDIUM = 7" (150 - 195lbs), LARGE = 7.8" (195lbs +)

PLEASE NOTE: O clock watches will be shipped without the bottom lid on. We will NOT accept returns with the "pop top" lid removed.

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