Gourmet Nove (Hunter / Papyrus)

Gourmet Nove
Gourmet Nove
Gourmet Nove
Gourmet Nove
Gourmet Nove

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  • Style No.: 000009515
  • MSRP: $140.00
  • Color: Hunter / Papyrus


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Gourmet Nove

Gourmet stays true to its meticulous reputation with the simple and sophisticated Gourmet Nove. Featuring premium nubuck leather, a pigskin leather liner, and a memory foam insole, comfort and quality are at the forefront. But, style is also playing a lead role with simple elastic ankle inserts, a Velcro strap with embossed logo, and a midsole that uses a custom print. It's easy to see that Gourmet has done it again.

Product Reviews
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By Rasheem from Miami, Fl on 7/27/2010
"Alrighty. When I saw these sneakers, I fell in love, forreal. Theyr'e beautiful. When they finally arrived on my doorstep, I was so excited. Once seeing up close... they were worth the wait. The shoelaces are nice. the color of the shoes and the feel of them are nice. Plus, the ankle strap on the shoe addd the perfect touch. After I got them on my feet, I could feel the cusion inside tha shoe. The only bad thing I have to say about the shoes (right this minute), is that they felt a little stiff around ankles... but other than that... I LoVe them."

Sneakerhead.com, Shoes  Retail, Norwalk, CA