Gourmet Dieci (Paloma / Papyrus)

Gourmet Dieci
Gourmet Dieci
Gourmet Dieci
Gourmet Dieci
Gourmet Dieci

Product Data

  • Style No.: 000010515
  • MSRP: $140.00
  • Color: Paloma / Papyrus


 8 / 100

Return Rate: 0.00%

Lifespan: 10/14/2009~03/14/2010

Pricing History:
10/15/2009: $119.99


Gourmet Dieci

With a tonal design and asymmetrical lacing, the Gourmet Dieci definitely sets itself apart from other lifestyle sneakers. Plus, Gourmet only uses premium materials when constructing their sneakers. Which means the Gourmet Dieci features calf-tanned pebble leather, full-grain suede, a pigskin leather insole with memory foam, and a custom cupsole. Plus, it's all topped off with a midsole that uses a signature print. Now, that's fresh.

Product Reviews
Overall Rating for Gourmet Dieci
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By Ray from ORLANDO, Florida on 9/8/2010
"The Dieci Sneakers is both simple and chic. The sneaker panels itself is current to the geometric style used in haute couture,and eighties revival. The upper suede grey panel provides a contrast between the grey grain leather and a play between the two textures. The asymmetrical lace panel give the sneaker a modern edge. Having wax finish laces not only complete the look, but gives another subtle texture. The laces adds a finishing touch to the different tones of grey and the overall design.

The Dieci's ultra style gives you options in wearing it. You can dress it up with a blazer, plain tee, and skinny jeans. To finish the look, wear minimal accessories such as a scarf and/or a bracelet. Or you can also dress it down with an edgy graphic tee with strait leg denim."

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