Gourmet Dieci (Black / Papyrus)

Gourmet Dieci
Gourmet Dieci
Gourmet Dieci
Gourmet Dieci
Gourmet Dieci

Product Data

  • Style No.: 000010010
  • MSRP: $140.00
  • Color: Black / Papyrus


 16 / 100

Return Rate: 0.00%

Lifespan: 10/25/2009~12/10/2009

Pricing History:
10/26/2009: $119.99


Gourmet Dieci

With a tonal design and asymmetrical lacing, the Gourmet Dieci definitely sets itself apart from other lifestyle sneakers. Plus, Gourmet only uses premium materials when constructing their sneakers. Which means the Gourmet Dieci features calf-tanned pebble leather, full-grain suede, a pigskin leather insole with memory foam, and a custom cupsole. Plus, it's all topped off with a midsole that uses a signature print. Now, that's fresh.

Product Reviews
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By Jeffery from Houston on 11/3/2009
Very happy to see �designer sneaker� at Sneakerhead! I really enjoy the artistic touch of the Gourmet Dieci and the comfort it offers is equally uncompromising � Dieci is now officially my travelling shoes.

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