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Adidas Gazelle 2 (Nylon) (Red / White)

Adidas Gazelle 2 (Nylon)
Adidas Gazelle 2 (Nylon)
Adidas Gazelle 2 (Nylon)
Adidas Gazelle 2 (Nylon)
Adidas Gazelle 2 (Nylon)

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  • Style No.: v24415
  • MSRP: $65.00
  • Color: Red / White


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Lifespan: 05/06/2012~10/12/2012

Pricing History:
05/07/2012: $64.99


Adidas Gazelle 2 (Nylon)

The Adidas Gazelle first stepped onto the scene in 1968 and was intended to be an athletic training shoe. Over the years it has gained popularity and continues to be a favorite among Adidas models. It features a streamlined wedge shape, classic styling, suede upper, signature tongue, and pebbled midsole. The timeless Adidas Gazelle has been released in every color and pattern under the sun and is extremely versatile.

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